Prints, Weaves, hand knotted, Tufted and Flatweave Textiles and Rug collections with an end to end service and expertise.

Sketch and use various techniques from Watercolor, Ink drawings to Photoshop rendering to bring the concepts to life. 

Develop concepts, mood boards based on product and market guidelines across product categories in Textile and Carpet industry.

Set up prints and weaves into repeats and develop colorways, also based on manufacturing systems. Assign designs and constructions to made ups and work on placement prints for specific products.

Work on line sheets to carve out collections and Technical drawings and Tech-packs to detail out a product and communicate them to the factory. 

Source new factories or work with established ones to sample the new prototypes through various stages to arrive at the final product.

Conduct quality control sessions for boutique category production and handle communication and  problem solving with the factory.